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Crystal Kingdom

The Crystal Kingdom

The Crystal Kingdom is from another dimension. They have volunteered, along with the Hippie Ghost Band, musicians in the spirit realm, to create Heaven on Earth.

The Crystal Fairies and the Crystal Floras , who make up part of this Kingdom, entered both Jasmine Crystal and Brenda Diana Zyburt life in 2015.  Not until 2017 did both women encounter a fated meeting, where they met for the first time. Brenda Zyburt discovered she is connected with the Crystal Flora, and Jasmine Crystal with the Crystal Fairies.

The Crystal Kingdom’s purpose is to elevate Earth’s vibration. This is not about ascension or leaving earth to find Nirvana.

Jasmine and Brenda view this heaven as Shelter. A place that presents hope, warmth, guidance and unconditional understanding.

Is Heaven on Earth a possibility? Is it real?

Jasmine Crystal experienced Crystal Kingdom’s Heaven first, when eleven of this group gathered to aid her through her darkest hour.

This past year, Brenda became the second person to experience their heaven.

Why are the Crystal Kingdom and Hippie Ghost Band here?

Divine requested their help. We became a planet of starving souls. We turned Earth into our walking hell.  Currently, Earth’s vibration resonates in the high negative numbers.

How do they propose bringing Heaven here?

Sound: To raise the vibration, we will use music that mixes the etheric with classical rock. Crystal bowls, didgeridoo, drums, guitars and other instruments make up this etheric sound.

Art: Art work by the medium artist, Brenda Zyburt.

Ho’oponopono taught to Jasmine on a trip to Hawaii, now is offered with the inclusion of the Crystal Fairy method. This is what aided her to heal from the pain that binded her.

Private Spa-Healing Sessions: Both ladies work with you. You will receive, Sound therapy, and an Oracle or Tarot reading, (your choice) to find your Divine purpose and/or awareness of the pattern that binds you.

Channel Lectures, with Jasmine being the Crystal Kingdom and Hippie Ghost Band’s conduit.

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The Creation of Life how beautiful,

how fulfilling,
rewarding to behold,

the glory of thy self.
Our Spirit Being as we are,
the spark of life that never ends but,
only evolves to higher depths of the soul’s evolution.

by Brenda Zyburt