​Spirit Path Tarot Reader by Jasmine Crystal 

Jasmine now devotes her time in writing, teaching, personal healing spas, and doing a weekly or month email reading on 1 question

This is the spread she uses. It is the Horoscope spread. You can get a weekly or monthly reading on how your concern is affecting your overall life.

Information on Email Tarot Readings:

The Horoscope Spread:

This shows how all twelve areas in your life are affected. 1st house. Self/personality/ image to the world. 2nd. How you value yourself, others? Finances. 3rd How you communicate with siblings, close friends who are like siblings. Groups of common interest. Short trips. Letters. Social Media. 4th house. Home, your hidden secrets. Mothers, or those who raised us. Issues of the heart. 5th house. Children, fun, creativity, romance. 6th house. Service to others. Everyday work.7th. Partners, relationships. Close friends. Intimate, Business. 8th Joint finances. Your fears. Spirit world. 9th. Long term goals. Philosophy. Overseas travel. Writing. 10th Life path. 11th goals, acquaintances, 12th. Larger institutions. Past karma, life, patterns.

1-week, full Horoscope Reading. This covers all twelve houses of this spread.  

Introductory Price $20

1-Month, full Horoscope Reading, on one topic:
This covers all twelve houses with an overview of the affects on the area that concerns you.  

Introductory Price $60

Sessions offered with Brenda she is a Crystal Sound Energy Practitioner, a Crystal Practitioner, Energy Practitioner and a Spirit Painter.


This sound-focused treatment is designed to bring mind, body and spirit into balance. High-frequency, gemstone-infused Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls™ are placed directly on your body, gently delivering deep resonance and profound healing frequencies to restore harmony.

With your treatment she will place Crystals & Flowers upon your body, and work with energy.  

50 minutes

Cost per session $225. 



Crystal Kingdom Teaching


 2081 W. Hwy 89A Sedona, AZ 86336

Saturdays in Sedona! 

Experience the Waves of Sound and Harmony as they wash over you.

Alchemy Crystal Dinging Bowl concert 11:00 am to 1:00 pm,

Experience meditation with Jasmine Renee 2:00 p.m to 2:30 pm as she takes you through the Ho’oponopono used by the Crystal Kingdom accompanied with Alchemy Crystal Bowls. ​

Ho’oponopono for Recovery and Shadow Work.


Divine Creator, Father, Mother Child as One

I (Your name), my family, relatives, ancestors with to do a Ho’oponopono with all who were/are involved in living this dysfunction. ( Name it. If it is addiction, illness or what have you, name it.)

Cleanse, purify, sever and release all the negative and unwanted memories, blocks and energies we have create, accumulated and accepted from beginning of our creation to the present. Transmute all these unwanted energies into pure light.

We release them to pure light, as they release us. We are set free. It is done.

 Chant the following at least 7 times.

I AM Love. I love you. I Am Love. I am sorry. I Am Love, Please forgive me, I Am Love, Thank you,

Note* The Hippie Ghost Band and Crystal Kingdom had me use I Am Love as a tool to reconnecting to the Source. I AM Love is God.