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A Life or Death Situation: The Spirit World Intervenes to stop a Suicide (The Spirit World Walks with Us Book 1)

Time was ticking. Could a group of spirits intervene and stop a death? What methods would they choose to use? How do they get her to believe in them? Can they prevent suicide, and give the person a reason for living?
A short and powerful story that will bring tears and hope to you.

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Summary of a Matter of Trust The outlook of preventing the forth coming epic war is looking dim. This will easily spread throughout all the colonies in the Universe like wild fire, if a solution isn’t delivered immediately. Myth, (spiritual beliefs and religion is about to go to war with Truth, (science). Both groups have stepped up their own efforts in hope to fan these fires. This war, to both groups, is the perfect opportunity to achieve their goal. Supremacy over all, is their intent, and they will not stop at doing anything to win total obedience, of each colony.

The Emerald Ocean has already felt the crunch of this struggle, as creeping vines have begun to snuff out all living botanic existence. It is up to the Emerald Ocean Elemental warriors to save their colony. The Dark Beauty colony has also experienced extinction in a couple areas of their stellar system. Because of this, they have agreed to join with the Elemental warriors, in attempting to foil this war. Both colonies have agreed to meet on the Earth colony, and to join the human group, when the time arrives. This group will be easy to find, and they will be called Hippies. With Myth and Truth erupting throughout all the Universal Colonies, the Demons and Goddess have emerged to help the warriors and Hippies. Can they stop this war of wars from taking place? There is one group, who doesn’t believe they can do this alone. The Ancient Ones, who have created the Universe, have continued to grow troubled, with the upcoming reports.

They also are taking responsibility for planting this rich soil, where an Epic war could ignite. Their intentions were pure, but greed and power intervened and took precedence. They could not just sit and pray the warriors can accomplish this, without sending them their own warriors. Spirit Wind Speakers have agreed to enter this fight, in hopes to alter these colonies reality? Time is not on their side. This is their last opportunity, before the ultimate annihilation is spread throughout all the Colonies. Time is not the only factor that is in short supply. The elementals, Goddess, Demons and Humans have had their memories altered, at their birth, on the Earth colony. Unfortunately, this will not be their only set-back, for both the Myth and Truth will seek to manipulate their consciousness in a matter of trust. Can the Spirit Wind Speakers usher in another way? ‘A Matter of Trust’, must be spread quickly. How to implement this to staunch enemies will take a miracle. Nobody is immune, not even the Spirit Wind Speakers. Can this epic war be halted in time?

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Beyond the Veil's Law of Attraction (The Spirit World Walks with Us) (Volume 2)

If you are depressed, tired, and can't see to make anything work, you are not alone. April 2015, I plotted my suicide. At 64 years old, I was spent. Nowhere to go, until Divine intervened, with the help of eleven entities. They taught me Beyond the veil's Law of Attraction, which is completely different than what I've already.read. Three years later, the change in my life is huge and it can work the same for you. This book sets down the basic laws that forever changed my life and now have changed others. I felt life was not worth living. I was done being isolated, abandoned and in poor health. I'm forever grateful to Divine and these eleven entities who gave me life. Not my old life, but the keys to something better. You might wonder what was the result of this intervention, and what made it different than the others I tried? A group of us are creating Heaven on Earth in a completely different way. It is amazing. Now, I'm sixty-seven and am excited about living, and being able to teach this to others. Thank you for reading Beyond the Veil's Law of Attraction. Jasmine Renee Abbott