Crystal Kingdom Teaching

Feng Shui & Alchemy Crystal Bowls Events 2019

These events are fun, relaxing and empowering for you to change your life one step at a time. Come explore your inner child!

February 17th Relationship Bagua Learn about the Relationship bagua.  Are you content with your relationships?  If not, Feng Shui can help you to create better relationship, be they intimate, or friendships.

March 24th Prosperity Bagua Want to take a trip?  Add more money to your savings account Buy a new house? The Prosperity bagua can attract the extra money you are seeking.

April 21st Family Bagua This bagua aids with paying bills, healing family relationships, habits passed on from our family. Ancestors.

May 19th Creativity and Children Bagua This bagua helps with our children and our creativity.

June 23rd  Helpful People Bagua Spirit guides, angels, co-workers, and others who make our life easier.

July 21st Career & Life Path Bagua How to drum up more business.

August 18th Fame & Reputation To have people favor you
September 22nd Skills Bagua o help with learning new skills.

October 20th Our health, weight, etc.

Events include Feng Shui topic, refreshments & champagne, then a relaxing Sound Bath with a Meditation, ending with the Ho’oponopono 

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