Jasmine Renee Abbott

​Practitioner of the Ho'oponopono

​Author, Teacher & Medium for the Crystal Kingdom

Books by Jasmine Renee Abbott coming soon

The Matter of Trust Releases in May 2019

The Twin Flame Prophecy Releases October 2019 

Jasmine Crystal

Practitioner of the Ho'oponopono
Teacher, Medium & Author for the Crystal Kingdom and

Hippie Ghost Band

A resume rich in counseling from, drug abuse counselor, life coach, spiritual coach, medium, psychic and Tarot Soul readings, over the past four-decade, Jasmine has left retirement to bring shelter to others.

Jasmine Crystal brings a different form of guidance. In 2013 her life took several turns. Death lingered in 2015, but it was the Crystal Kingdom’s teaching passed down to her spirit group, The Hippie Ghost Band, that saved her life, and drastically changed it.

This group, and the Crystal Kingdom offered her shelter; a place that offers hope, warmth, guidance and unconditional understanding.
Though in the Spiritual Guidance path for over four decades, this experience altered her path. Jasmine now devotes her time in writing, teaching, personal healing spas.