Workshop 3

Healing Vibrational Pain

6 hour Workshop

What is Vibrational Pain? How is it connected to our Ancestor’s pain?

           1.Using Ho’oponopono to help Heal the Root Chakra of our Ancestors

           2. Creating the Living Room Effect. Building a thoughtform.

           3. Sound wash and Guided Visual on Building a new living room effect


Crystal Kingdom Discussions

    1.Root Chakra

    2. Holding the vision.

            a. Internet

            b. Groups at workshop
    3. discovering our Vision.

 15-minute readings by both Brenda and Jasmine.



Sound Wash, guided Ho’oponopono cleansing for healing the Pain the binds us. 

The Crystal Kingdom’s Well of Enchantment Guidance

Struggling? Can’t find your way through this life? What binds you? What is preventing you from moving forward in your life?

Daily, people struggle with some type of beast.  Many have tried this or that method to free themselves. The majority experienced next to zero results.

Your blocks and binds are real. Only you can create a change, correct?  Yes, but what if you are blind to the core belief holding you hostage? How do you free yourself?

A Sound Bath, experience the Waves of Sound and Harmony as they wash over you. Feel their tuning of the vibrations speaking to you. Using genuine Quartz Crystal bowls, feeling the refined harmonic spectrum and the direct alignment to cellular and Universal harmony there purpose is to help unblock areas that bind you. They do work, but often you still don’t know what blocked you. Will that block show back up?

Most likely yes. Brenda Zyburt the Sound Bowl Musician has teamed up with Jasmine Renee, medium, psychic and tarot reader to offer a special service. Two masters in their trades, now have joined to offer you one session with both in the room. As you receive the sound treatment, Jasmine will reach into the hidden closets of your mind, using oracle cards, as she speaks to your angels and guides to ease open the door that has blocked and binded you. It is here that both the sound musician and medium work in identifying and releasing them.

The healing is an hour process. After the healing, you will be served a cup of tea and a time to chat with both ladies. Here you can bask in the warmth of your experience. Share your thoughts if you wish.

An hour devoted to releasing the block that binds you and setting you free is yours.

Cost $220

Crystal Kingdom Teaching

Workshop 1

Creating the Living Vision Board.

Six-hour workshop

     A discussion on Creating your dream by Jasmine Renee.

      Crystal Bowl Sound Wash Meditation on your dream, with guided visualization. 60 minutes.
       What is a Living Vision Board? The lecture will be given by Jasmine Renee.

Lunch is served.

       How to Create your Living Vision Board? 1 hour
       Discover what blocks you?

    Jasmine Renee will pull 3 cards to see what blocks your growth. Each reading is a 30-minute session

    Brenda Zyburt will work on your root chakra to help connect you with stability, feeling connected to the earth. This will aid you in achieving your Living Vision Board. 30-minute session.
Break Time

Ho’oponopono Sound Wash

   Opening discussion with Anna, and Petunia, on the vacant heart. What their version of the Ho’oponopono is.

   Enjoy the closing circle of the crystal bowls washing over you, as you sit with others, and share into the guided visual emerald cleansing meditation while using the Ho’oponopono used by the Crystal Kingdom.

You will leave this workshop with a living vision board plan, where your path is, and how to walk it. 

Workshop 2

6 hours

A celebration of our Divine Given talents.

       Morning Session with sound wash, and guided visual meditation to discover one’s talent.
       Meet the Crystal Kingdom

Discussion on Divine’s talent given to us upon birth.


Celebrating Our Connection with Divine- Raising Energy

The need to create a reality that encourages us to use our tool or talent is essential.  It becomes the individual responsibility to get out of their personal hell and start building a heaven. When we start this path, we are more prone to devote our energy to helping others grow their talent.

Dancing Time:
Learn to use colors to build energy. The Dance of Streamers using I Am Love.

Ending with I am Loving Dance.

Break Time

Ending the Day with A Sound wash and Ho’oponopono. 

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